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Top 10 Superfoods & Supplements

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Super food smoothies - 42 Juice

Top 10 Superfoods & Supplements

We LOVE superfoods. They are medicinal powerhouses of nutrition that you should definitely be eating more of! A superfood is a highly nutrient dense food which is low in calories, which means they are all about providing your body with beautiful goodness. Here are our top ten favourites and the ones we use most regularly!

Highly nutrient dense food which is low in calories!

Our favourite go-to green algae, this gets added into our daily smoothies and juices for the ultimate added nutrient factor. Spirulina boasts a high protein content and all of the essential amino acids which contributes to maintaining many functions of the body and helps increase energy giving us the perfect fuel for our day!

What CAN’T you do with coconut oil?! Put it on your skin, your hair, in your foods, you can cook with it and use it as a mouthwash! There is a misconception that coconut oil contains very high levels of fat, BUT the fat content in coconut oil is metabolized in a different way to most, and can actually help you to burn more fat. It’s a good fat! It is antimicrobial so is great for fighting off viruses and bacteria which is why it is also great used on the skin. It is an incredible moisturiser and is part of our daily skin care routine, including using it as a mouthwash to help remove harmful bacteria and improve dental health (oil pulling). We also love adding it to our smoothies to create a deliciously creamy texture!

These incredible seeds offer one of the richest sources of protein found in nature! With approximately 35% digestible protein, these mighty seeds are also packed with omegas and amino acids – the building blocks that make up protein which are essential for building and repairing muscle and tissue which your organs need to function optimally! We add this into our smoothies and sprinkle over salads and foods for an extra tasty protein dose.

These wonderful little grains are used to create a refreshing fermented beverage full of beneficial probiotic bacteria. If you look after your gut, it will look after you! So many health issues stem from an imbalance of gut flora, so looking after your tummy is essential for your immune system, your skin, absorption of vitamins and minerals and overall wellbeing. We brew our own at 42 Juice and so we always have it on tap to keep our tummies healthy. Grab some – it’s delicious!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! And guess what, it doesn’t have to be naughty! Raw cacao is the purest form of chocolate and the benefits are amazing. It has one of the highest anti-oxidant contents and is a great alternative to caffeine because it gives you a great energy buzz. Yup, breakfast can now be chocolatey and for all the right reasons! Especially for us women as it helps relax menstrual cramping and pain too! Raw cacao is delicious in smoothies and you can make amazingly simple raw goodies using raw cacao, nuts and dates too.

Apple Cider Vinegar has many different uses and can be used internally or externally. It makes a great salad dressing, can be used on your skin to regulate pH and help reduce spots and can be drunk to help maintain a healthy alkaline pH level, help reduce effects of allergies and can help
stimulate detoxification in the liver. A definite must-have for the kitchen and beauty cupboard!

7. E3 LIVE
Containing over 65 different vitamins and nutrients, E3 Live is the most nutrient rich natural food in the world. Jam packed with essential fatty acids and an incredible dose of chlorophyll, protein, iron and anti-oxidants, this blue-green algae helps rejuvenate cells and is perfect mixed with water in the form of a shot, OR add to a green juice to really super-charge the benefits!

Ahhh the sweet delight that is Manuka! You can drink it, eat it and put it on your skin depending on what you use it for. Manuka honey has an incredible range of benefits, and we have personally used it to help with wound healing, stomach ulcers and sore throats. It helps aid stomach imbalances, can help skin disorders such as eczema, acne and skin wounds and has anti-bacterial and immune boosting properties. The NHS has even found it to be effective against MRSA due to its antimicrobial properties! You can buy Manuka Honey in most supermarkets – Add to your smoothie or lick it straight off a spoon – YUM!

Found in the mountains of Peru, Maca is known as a natural aphrodisiac and can help boost libido and increase endurance, whilst balancing hormones and increasing fertility. This wonderful root powder can increase energy and stamina and get you over that afternoon slump giving you the natural boost you need!

10. ACAI
Acai is incredibly high in anti-oxidants which means it helps to reduce the effect of disease and aging of cells from free radicals and is therefore great for our skin and blood. Free radicals are caused by oxidation from exposure to toxins and our bodies produce millions of them and so it’s important to try and reduce the effect as much as possible. Our ‘I am GLOWING’ is one of our most popular smoothies containing Acai and mixed berries, so for that extra GLOW you know where to find us..!

by our friends at 42Juice

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