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Your First Class


A last minute set up is never ideal, especially when it’s your first class! We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early to get set up and ready-to-go.

Tell the receptionist your name and let them know you’re a first timer. Once we get you signed in, a member of the Cycle City team will show you around the studio, introduce you to the instructor, hand you a pair of cleats and help you get set up on the bike so you’re ready to ride like a pro.


We recommend a sports top (t-shirt, vest, sports bra) for your upper body and either sports leggings or shorts for your bottom half.

For every ride we provide our customers with a pair of cycling cleats, we highly recommend you take advantage of these as they will improve both your technique on the bike and riding experience. But these are optional if you prefer to wear your own trainers or cleats.

It’s going to be a sweaty one, we’ve got you covered with clean workout towels waiting on your bike for when you arrive.


Make sure you stay hydrated, before, during and after your ride! You can buy Smart Water at reception, bring your own bottle to fill up or pre-order one of our superfood smoothies from the Refuel Bar and have it ready made to grab and go after your class.

The Workout

Revolutionising indoor cycling, Cycle City gives you a unique full body workout on a bike. Our low impact, high-intensity cardio class is designed to strengthen and tone your upper body, lower body and core, whilst burning maximum calories.

Expect sprints, weights and climbs combined with the best motivational music for a fun, fat-burning workout that will push you to your limits! Our expert instructors have their own inspiring techniques, tunes and times, so no matter your fitness needs or ability, there’s a perfect class for you.

Our classes aim help you strengthen every aspect of your life. Leave your everything at the bike and find yourself leaving the studio with the energy and confidence to conquer challenges and achieve your goals, whether they be fitness focussed or in your everyday life.

Turn it up. Ride it out. Transform how you look and feel.

Book Class

Pay-as-you-go. No contracts. No commitment.

Booking online is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to book your first class.

1. Register your account – Click ‘log in’ at the top right of the page, select ’register’ then enter your details to create your account
2. Select ‘book a class’ and choose the class you would like to attend from our timetable
3. Select 1 ride (or 2 if you want to bring a friend) then choose your bike
4. When you get to the payment page, enter the ‘welcome50’ code to get 50% off your first class then complete the details on the page to confirm your booking


Are you a regular rider? Credits make riding cheaper and booking easier… It’s a no brainer!

Our credit packages range from 5 credits to 50 credits and when you purchase yours they will automatically be added to your account.

When booking a class with credits, just scroll down to the bottom of the payment page, skip past entering your payment details and select the ‘pay with credits box’ before confirming your booking.

Checking In To Your Class

We ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your class starts, so you can set up your bike and the instructor can start on time. If the class is full and you don’t arrive by at least 2 minutes before your it’s due to start we may release your space to walk-ins.

If the studio door is closed when you arrive, that’s because the class is already in full-swing, so unfortunately you won’t be able to join in late.


If the class you want to book is full, it’s not over yet! Put yourself onto the Cycle City waitlist by entering your email address and if a bike opens up we will send you an email notification. But you need to be quick, as soon as you receive that notification the first one to book on will secure the place.


Not going to make your class? Make sure you cancel online by 5:30pm the evening before your class and we will return a credit to your Cycle City account.

If you don’t cancel your bike by 5.30pm the evening before your class, unfortunately, we won’t be able to return your ride.


Not only do we aim to make your fitness experience empowering, we want to make it luxurious and as easy as possible for you too.

Leave your wash bag at home, both shower and sweat towels are provided by us and we’ve teamed up with Ren to supply you the best organic products to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous. Not only that, our changing rooms are fully equipped with what you need to attack the day:

– Hair dryer
– Straighteners
– Shampoo
– Body Wash
– Deodorant
– Body lotion
– Shaving equipment

Superfood Smoothies

Our range of nutritious and delicious superfood smoothies are perfect for fuelling a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Whether you want to boost your immune system or super-charge your post work-out recovery, we can recommend the right smoothie for you.

Skip the post class queue by pre-ordering your smoothie before your class and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you when you finish.

Do you have Beginners classes?

We don’t have specific beginners classes, however, our classes are suitable for all abilities from beginners to elite riders.

You are in control of the bike and of your own workout. The instructor will guide you to where they would like you to be, however you are in control of the gears and the speed so you ride to your own maximum and set your self-targets.

Can I have a copy of your timetable ?

Our timetable is available on the ‘book class’ section of our website or a handheld version is available in our studio.

Do you have an Introductory offer?

We do indeed! use the code ‘welcome50’ when booking your first class and get 50% off!

Do you have showers?

Yep! Each changing room has shower facilities along with Ren shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, shower towels and a whole load more amenities to leave you looking and smelling fresh after class.

The Studio Is Open Between:

Weekdays: 06:30 – 20:15

Saturday: 07:30 – 12:15

Sunday: 08:30 – 12:15

Ready? Lets Ride.
Sounds like your ready for your first Cycle City experience, but if not & have other questions please get in touch with us
Book Class