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Case study – Brett’s inspirational fitness journey

Cycle City / Inspiration  / Case study – Brett’s inspirational fitness journey

Case study – Brett’s inspirational fitness journey

We love hearing all your stories about how spinning’s contributed to your fitness goals. Check out how Brett came across Cycle City and achieved some amazing results since spinning became big part of his lifestyle.

Brett tested out a variety of fitness regimes including sports, running and personal training, but found it a challenge to identify an exercise regime he truly enjoyed and wanted to stick to commenting:

“None of it was enjoyable, I could never really muster enough motivation. So I thought I’d give spin a try, thinking I was going to add it to my list of exercise I didn’t like.”

After passing Cycle City a few times on his way home from the station, he decided to give spinning a go, and it’s fair to say he hasn’t looked back.

“The customer service is excellent. Feeling like a genuinely valued customer makes all the difference. I also like the sense of community the place has.”

Since joining us in October 2016 Brett has lost 6 stone, taking him from 18.5 stone and 38inch waist to 12.5 stone and a 32inch waist. What an achievement!

Not only has Brett had an impressive physical transformation but his new fitness hobby has left him feeling happier and healthier.

“I feel so much healthier and fitter. The combination of finding an exercise I really enjoy and sticking to it, while maintaining a newly vegan diet has given me an enormous sense of achievement, which is a huge boost to my self-esteem.”

Brett has made Cycle City a part of his lifestyle, spinning 3-4 times a week with some of his favourite instructors.

“Nick G, Nikki and Gaby are just some of my favourites. Their classes have the perfect balance of great music, lots of encouragement and leaving you feel close to death (in a good way, of course).”

At Cycle City our mission is to provide you with a class that not only benefits you in a fitness sense but in all aspects of life. Seeing stories like Brett’s demonstrates everything we aim truly can contribute to a healthier and happier you, which means we’re doing our job.

Thank you Bret for sharing your story, you’re an inspiration for all us riders!

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