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Our Favourite Free Fitness Apps

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Our Favourite Free Fitness Apps

Are you finding it hard to keep up and stay on track with your active lifestyle? Do you need assistance to go the extra mile with your training? With all the hard work you are putting into your workouts, how can you ensure you push yourself enough to gain results? To help you track your progress, we’ve outlined a list of our top three favourite fitness apps that will assist and motivate you to reach your goals… And the best news is they’re free!

They help motivate you to reach your goals and the best news is they are free!

My fitness pal
We love my fitness pal because it does all the hard work for you, well, most of it! At the start of each day the app will notify you with how many calories you must consume to achieve your goal; whether it’s to loose, maintain or gain weight. There’s a diary section which calculates how much you’ve consumed and burned that day, so you can stay on top of your diet and food in take, as well as a progress feature which allows you to track your long term development and keep motivated.

And it doesn’t stop there… The app holds all kinds of health and fitness inspiration, giving you access to their daily blog, where you can explore new recipes, exercises and top tips, there’s definitely something for everyone, no matter your level of fitness. As well as this it’s a great place to store all your healthy cooking and smoothies recipes! If you come across any throughout the day and don’t have the time to note it down just add it in the app using their recipes feature and voila, it’s saved for a rainy day.

UP – Jawbone
Now we understand for this app you need to actually go out and purchase the Jawbone, but don’t worry the apps free to download once you’ve done that! We seriously recommend purchasing some form of fitness tracker technology, and the UP Jawbone is our favourite by far.

One of the apps main features is the Smart Coach, this pulls together an intelligent guide suggesting bespoke and personalised tips and timely reminders to help you make better dietary and fitness decisions. The Jawbone gives you a deeper understanding of all the things that directly affect your overall health and well-being, tracking your fitness activity (including daily steps), sleep patterns and diet. The app will definitely open your eyes to how your daily movements and behaviour contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

It’s fun too. The apps functionality now allows you to improve and compare your activity with friends, family, colleagues even your great grandma if she’s got one!

Nike+ running app
Have an iPhone? That means you’ll have the Nike+ running app to. Don’t let this one collect dust with all the other preloaded apps you don’t use! I bet you’re now your thinking about the last time you utilised the iPhone compass or checked the latest stock market. But this ones a good one. Promise!

If you love to go running, this is one for you. This app allows you to set your running distance before your run, and will keep you updated with your ongoing progress; notifying you at each completed mile, what your average pace per mile is and how many many miles you have left. You can also use the app to motivate yourself and friends, by setting challenges for each other and tracking your results with the aim to beat one another. But that comes with a warning if you are highly competitive like us!

Lastly, the nike+ coach will create training programmes for you, giving you run reminders, and pushing you further and faster each time you go for a run.

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